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I have always been curious about the Poseidon regulators as I have not ever had the opportunity to use one. It was a nice quiet morning at Alexander Springs, FL and I setup the Cyklon regulator on the tank and went to the waters edge where I then completed all of my pre-dive gear checks Poseidon wasn't messing around when they designed this regulator. Designed for challenging conditions and even more challenging dives, the Xstream is certified for deep water use up to 200 meters / 656 feet

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Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for POSEIDON CYKLON 5000 Regulator, DIN at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users Special Tools for Poseidon® Regulators The first stages are definitely solid blocks of brass, though they are quite a bit lighter than some chunkier first stages that are just physically larger *Apeks DST*, but they definitely inspire confidence when you hold them. I think you may have misread 4m for 40m

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  1. It is a great mid-budget scuba diving regulator which is great for ice diving as well as can be used for diving in sedimentation filled water. It is a great option for recreational divers with the option of diving in any kind of area. Pros. It is certified and designed with CE standards for cold water performance
  2. https://www.simplyscuba.com/blogs/blog/choosing-the-best-regulator-for-you There is a lot to consider when choosing new regulators such as diaphragm or pisto..
  3. Poseidon Xstream MK3 Air System (Available in DIN Only) Product Link: https://scuba.co.za/products/poseidon-xstream-mk3-air-system The regulator of choice fo..

Cold water ready. Poseidon was born in the icy north, so it's only natural that our regulators enjoy the cold. Poseidon regulators have built-in anti-freeze protection which prevents ice from building up and ensures it delivers the expected performance under all conditions The Poseidon Jetstream Mk.3 regulator set (second stage and octo) and Odin first stage are simple and rugged in design. The regulators have simple controls: a large rubberized purge button, and a simple -/+ sliding switch for air flow, and can be used with either side up Poseidon Cyklon 5000 RegulatorLink:https://scuba.co.za/products/poseidon-cyklon-5000-regulatorIntroduced in 1958, this was the first regulator in the world w..

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  1. Poseidon's deepest diving regulator, tested and approved down to 200 m / 656 ft with extremely light breathing. Side Purge A side purge prevents current-induced free flow and diverts bubbles away from view
  2. 5 Of Our Favourite RegulatorsShop regs - https://www.simplyscuba.com/collections/regulatorsReg advice - https://www.simplyscuba.com/pages/help-choosing-a-div..
  3. Poseidon Regulators Here is the Poseidon range of scuba diving regulators, with the latest designs, technical features and technology we are sure to have something to suit all of your needs. We can also assemble your regulators, octopus and gauges ready for when they arrive with you, this service is free of charge, all you need to do is ask
  4. Poseidon M28 Dive Computer and Solid State Oxygen Sensor. Our latest products are taking the next step in their domains. The M28 is built on a new platform and the innovative user interface is just the surface that you see. With the M28 together with the digital oxygen sensor technology any rebreather diver can benefit from our investments
  5. Välkommen till Poseidons webshop. Utbudet är inte komplett i vänstermenyn, men det går i sökboxen ovan att söka i vårt kompletta produktsortiment från produktkatalogen. Vi levererar i nuläget till Sverige, Norge, Danmark, Finland, Tyskland och Frankrike och länder där vi inte har någon distributör
  6. utes and afterwards still be completely unaffected. The 1st stage regulator is manufactured from black finished chrome plated brass. Regulator system comes complete with a 27.6 (70 cm) LP hose

Poseidon MKVI & Se7en CCR 8 or 9 of 10 Considering that there is NO 10 of 10 on the CCR scale as I am still looking after these many years, the Poseidon ranks up in the top of top! I really did not fall in love with this unit, until I decided to retire from active teaching and took the time to understand the unit Only through years and years of use by divers around the world can a regulator truly find its limits. Poseidon's Cyklon has been put to the test for over six decades. Through continuous and gradual improvements, the Cyklon guarantees the highest performance under all circumstances. XSTREAM OCTOPUS POSEIDON With 70mm Hose A regulator must possess a set of functions which are unaffected by the different environments it will see during its lifetime. Examples of these functions include inhalation resistance, exhalation bubble distraction, noise and leak tightness - to name just a few

Poseidon Diving Systems AB | Åkeredsvägen 1 | S-421 63 Västra Frölunda | SWEDEN | +46 31 734 29 00 | info@poseidon.co Scuba diving regulators are an essential component of your diving equipment, acting as the lifeline between you and your air source underwater. The regulator connects to your dive tank and together, they make up a self-contained breathing apparatus that allows you to breathe comfortably while diving

Poseidon.com Hjälp Navigation Regulatorer Bygg din regulator Kompletta regulatorkit Regulatorer Helmasker 1:a steg 2:a steg Kåpor i färg Instrument Högtrycksslangar Lågtrycksslangar Tillbehör Poseidon EBS Rebreathers Bygg din rebreather. Poseidon Cyklon Regulator Review Posted on April 17, 2015 by DownUnderDivers I had the opportunity to test out a few regulators that I have not used before earlier this week and wanted to write a few reviews of some of them Poseidon.com Help Navigation Regulators Build Your Regulator Complete Regulator Kits Regulators Full Face Mask 1st Stages 2nd Stages 2nd Stage Color Covers Gauges HP A Cyklon X regulator value package with yellow octopus and black pressure gauge

1958 is the year that Ingvar Elfstrom created the Poseidon Cyklon Junior, which at the time was the first and only single hose scuba regulator on the market. Since then, Poseidon has been a staple in the dive industry and their name has been synonymous with high quality regulators and innovation. The Xstream, Jetst Be the first to review Poseidon Jetstream 2nd Stage Regulator Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. First Stage Regulators Poseidon Xstream Duration G5/8 1st Stage Regulator $ 729.00 Select options. Regulators Poseidon Cyklon Metal Yellow 2nd Stage Regulator Tryggt köp & personlig service. Med mer än 30 års erfarenhet

In order to achieve this outstanding level of performance Poseidon has actually simplified the design of the regulator. To eliminate the problems associated with gaskets and O-rings, the ground-breaking design incorporates the unique construction of a self-aligning ball-bearing at the heart of the regulator making it an incredibly robust and dependable valve The Poseidon Xstream is little more than a year old now and I received an early model of this regulator that was specifically designed for use by deep technical divers. I was agreeably surprised. Its delivery of air was sublime of my top 11 Best Scuba Diving Regulator 2020. The Membrane Regulators can be used in warm water but are also for cold water diving even ice diving is possible with these regulators but there are considerably more expensive than Piston Regulators. Diaphragm-based first stages are environmentally sealed so that water cannot enter the inner mechanism..

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The regulator connects to your dive tank and together, they make up a self-contained breathing apparatus that allows you to breathe comfortably while diving. The compressed air inside scuba tanks is stored at extremely high pressures. This could, in turn, cause injury if air is breathed in directly from the tank Poseidon CYKLON 5000 Regulator, DIN Features. Poseidon CYKLON 5000 Regulator, DIN: First Regulator in the World with Only One-Hose; Introduced in 1958 and Set a New World Standard for Diving Regulators The Poseidon Cyklon 5000 Regulator was the first regulator in the world with a single hose and the demand valve situated at the mouth, and set a new worl Discover Poseidon CYKLON 5000 Metal Regulator, DIN with Scuba. Buy scuba diving gear with full manufacturer's warranties and 150% price protection. The first regulator in the world with only one hose and the demand valve situated at the mouth, this was presented in 1958 and set a new world standard for diving regulators POSEIDON XSTREAM. PRICE $799.95. The tec-oriented Xstream is currently one of only two regs approved by the U.S. Navy for cold-water use (the Mares Abyss Navy II was the first regulator approved for cold-water use under the new standards). The first stage of the Xstream uses

When Poseidon Junior was introduced in 1958, was the first regulator in the world with a single hose and the demand valve situated at the mouth in serial production. Thanks to its heritage and extremely well ­tested construction and design, the Cyklon is still the first choice of the German Navy. Features About Poseidon LP Hose for Xstream Regulators. Poseidon Low-Pressure Hoses are made of EPDM rubber and are reinforced with a synthetic cord for strength and durability. The hoses working pressure is 390 psi (10 bar), but easily manage a pressure of up to 1,460 psi (100 bar) when couplings are mounted to a regulator first and second stage regulator

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Be the first to review Poseidon Jetstream 2nd Stage Regulator Cancel repl Built in Poseidon Thermo-Dynamic anti-freeze; Super high flow 2nd stage design; Meets EN 250 performance requirement Brand: POSEIDON. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating. Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. 1'st and 2'nd Stage, LP Hose and Owner's Manual. First Regulator in the World with Only One-Hose

Since then, Poseidon has been a staple in the dive industry and their name has been synonymous with high quality regulators and innovation. The Xstream, Jetstream and Cyklon regulators are all leaders in the industry. These high performance regulators stand out due to an unrivaled combination of breathability, reliability and durability in all. CaliforniaDiver.com Meets Poseidon Diving Systems - 2014 DEMA Dive Show - Duration: 6:17. California Diver Magazine 3,577 view I have 90 sidemount dives on Jetstreams (180 regulator uses). I have had four failures. 1. Slide switch failed letting water into the dry side of a second stage. 2. First stage leaked air - came out thru the cap. These issues were fixed under warranty. 3. OPV valve on a first stage leaked at lower tank pressures - fixed during routine maintenance. 4

Poseidon Jetstream regulator for sale. This is in excellent condition. Obviously well cared for. Hooked up to a tank with 2,500psi and it breathes nicely with no issues. Like all of these it delivers plenty of air. Comes with DIN fitting. Yoke converter, 2 extra hoses and a Poseidon regulator bag. Note that the Octo hose is extra LONG Rebreather Review. About Ron. About Gib. Slide Show. Vintage. Impeachment 101. More. Log In. Regulators. Poseidon Scuba Regulators, Stage Bottle Regulators, Drysuit Inflation Regulators. Poseidon Regulator 1st Stage High Pressure 90 Banjo O2 Ready $45.95 Poseidon LP Port Plug 3/8 unf (2 ) pcs Poseidon LP. Dive Gear Express is an authorized service center for Dive Rite, Mares XR, and Poseidon regulators. We of course also provide maintenance service for our house brand DGX Gears regulators. We are unable to service other brands for which we are not an authorized dealer, in those cases we recommend return-to-factory service The Poseidon Cyklon Metal Regulator was introduced in 1958, this was the first regulator in the world with a single hose and the demand valve situated at th The Poseidon Jetstream MK3 Regulator is an updated version of the classic Jetstream regulator. We have now connected a Jetstream second stage with an Xstream first stage, thus creating an even better version of this high performing regulator

Mouthpiece is made from durable and comfortable black silicone rubber. If you have a Poseidon XSTREAM, Cyklon or Jet Stream Regulator (see SKU's: POSXR, POSXO, POSXD, POSJR, POSJO) this is a great save-a-dive-kit item. The dive you save just may be your own! Oh Yeah! Don't forget the tie wraps to attach it with! See: SKU AQUTW10 Tie Wrap The Poseidon Atmosphere Full-Face Mask M with the Poseidon Jet-Stream Second Stage Regulator is the choice for professional and cold-water diving. The perfectly fitting Atmosphere Full-Face Mask protects your face from the cold. Mask can have communication equipment install to talk with your buddy during dives. As an

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Made in Sweden. Poseidon regulators are a favorite among advanced divers for performance and reliability in the most demanding conditions. This regulator is the version that uses standard thread(as opposed to metric) hoses. I'm cleaning out my dive locker and getting rid of things I've accumulated and never used. Or haven't used in a long long time The Poseidon Cyklon Second Stage Regulator is a lightweight regulator which gives the diver plenty of air even when worked hard at great depths. It offers easy breathing so your air lasts longe The Poseidon Cyklon Metal Regulator was introduced in 1958, this was the first regulator in the world with a single hose and the demand valve situated at the mouth, and set a new world standard for diving regulators Poseidon Regulator Xstream Fullset quantity. Add to cart. Categories: Dive Gear, Regulators Tags: poseidon, regulator poseidon. Description Additional information Reviews (0) Description. COMPATIBLE WITH MOST GASES. The Xstream comes in versions compatible with air, nitrox, trimix and pure oxygen Service Parts Kits for Poseidon Regulators. Poseidon suggests your regulator should be serviced by an authorized Poseidon dealer at least once every 24 months. More Information . More Information; Brand: Poseidon: SKU: PDS-35xx: Weight: 0.100000: Reviews 6. WARNING. Most authorized dealers are able to perform warranty, repair and service work.

Poseidon Cyklon Regulator, product review by Kevin Cook

Regulator Replacement Parts - Poseidon Second Stage JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser Reactor Limited Edition Review: The Poseidon Limited Edition is a numbered run of 250 and comes packaged in a luxurious gift box set which includes a 2-tone stainless steel bracelet, a rubber strap, tools and extra screwbars to change the bands The Poseidon Cyklon Fixed Yoke First Stage is a balanced diaphragm design. The diaphragm membrane transmits the pressure changes to the internal mechanism. Skip to content Home / Regulators / First Stage Regulators / Poseidon Cyklon 1st Stage Regulator Onl

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POSEIDON CYKLON 1ST FIRST STAGE REGULATOR AND YOKE 4 PORT USED LIGHTLY HERE IS A POSEIDON CYKLON FIRST STAGE REGULATOR AND YOKE COMBO DEAL USED LIGHTLY BOTH WORK GREAT! HP. LP, U AND P PORTS ON THE REG. This. As all dive gear should only be used by Trained CERTIFIED DIVERS. As with all LIFE-SUPPORT Equipment The Poseidon Se7en Rebreather is a fully closed-circuit, automated rebreather (eCCR) that will allow you to have a very different and improved diving experience. The Se7en is exceptionally small, light and simple to use. 6 Items. Show

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Reviews (0) The Poseidon Cyklon 5000 Regulator was the first regulator in the world with a single hose and the demand valve situated at the mouth, and set a new world standard for diving regulators. Reviews SKU: 23938 Category: Regulators Brand: Poseidon. Description ; Reviews (0) The Poseidon EBS (Emergency Breathing System) Reviews . There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review Poseidon EBS (Emergency Breathing System) Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published Home / Bags / Regulator Bags / Poseidon Regulator Bag Poseidon Regulator Bag $ 85.00. Poseidon Regulator Bag quantity. Add to cart. SKU: 32407 Categories: Bags, Regulator Bags Brand: poseidon. Description ; Reviews (0). With over 17 years of diving experience, underwater fishing, cave diving, our team of expert instructors in dive courses and PADI, we can help you to choose the right equipment for divers, snorkelers, and all water sports enthusiasts who can enjoy shopping a huge selection of everything you need for your diving trips, as: snorkeling gear, diving suits, diving computers, diving regulators, fins and always at the best price

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Poseidon Cyklon Metal Second Stage Regulator $ 652.00 The Poseidon Cyklon Metal Second Stage is beyond the mechanical strength, the high thermal conductivity of the metal body can also reduce the dry mouth feeling caused by breathing compressed gas The Poseidon Cyklon First Stage is the Cyklon 5000 and the Cyklon metal. It is the first regulator in the world with a single hose and the demand valve situated at the mouth. Thanks to its well-tested construction and design, the Cyklon is still the first choice of the German Navy and many others Poseidon XSTREAM Deep MK3 DIN Regulator, Black $ 1,199.00. Add to cart. Regulator Sets. Poseidon Xstream Deep Single Kit $ 1,615.00. Add to cart. Regulators. HOG Zenith Black Second Stage w/o Hose Read our Reviews. Connect with Dive World. Join us on Social Media. Email Newsletter. Get email updates for news, promotions and deals from Dive.

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The Poseidon Xstream Deep G5/8 First Stage Regulator is the benchmark for high performance. Whether you dive with air, Trimix or Oxygen. The Xstream outperforms all other regulators. Certified to 200m. As used by the US Navy Home / Regulators / First Stage Regulators / Poseidon Xstream Oxygen M26x2 1st Stage Regulator Poseidon Xstream Oxygen M26x2 1st Stage Regulator. RM 2,310.00 2,310.0 Home / Regulators / First and Second Stage Regulators / Poseidon Xstream Black Regulator - with 70cm hose Poseidon Xstream Black Regulator - with 70cm hos Usual turnaround for Poseidon Regulator Servicing at Mike's Dive Store is 7-10 days, but we can always request an express service for an additional charge. There are various options with regards getting your dive equipment to and from us. We can accept drop-offs or deliveries to the store, but we can also arrange the collection of your equipment


Poseidon Xstream Black 9/16 2nd Stage Regulator – PoseidonPoseidon Xstream Duration G5/8 1st Stage RegulatorPoseidon 0110-000 1st Stage Xstream Deep G5/8" RegulatorPoseidon CCR First Stage Regulator Service Kit(s)Poseidon LP Hose 150 cm Xstream O2 Clean | Scuba RegulatorAqua Lung Regulator 1st Stage Diaphragm Kit with washer

Poseidon Regulator - Service Primary Choose from: Single Regulator 1 - 1st and 1- 2nd stage Conventional Regulator with 1 first stage and 2 second stage (primary & octopus) The price for the conventional includes a larger box to return ship, the service and parts for both primary, both second stages and parts kits *shipping is USPS Priority Box Medium for single reg, and Large box fo Please review these other products: Poseidon Cyklon 5000 Regulator. Introduced in 1958, The Poseidon Cyklon 5000 Regulator was the first regulator in the world with a single hose and the demand valve situated at the mouth, and set a new world standard for diving regulators Around the same time, Poseidon Diving Systems became another trusted leader, introducing the first single hose regulator, and developing a sealing system for cold water diving. Poseidon, fittingly named for the ancient God of the Sea, remains one of the best known and relied upon brands of diving equipment The Poseidon Xstream 9/16 Second Stage Regulator is the preferred performance regulator of the US Navy, US Coastguard, and German Bundeswehr, brings divers the ultimate in performance in all water conditions and at all depths (certified to 200m/656 ft). It is the regulator of choice for divers who really mean business Poseidon Tradings could go bankrupt from one day to another since there are no banking information about this broker. High Success Rate - Transparency & Integrity - Poseidon Tradings Review: our Conclusion! Poseidon Tradings is an unregulated broker to avoid at all cost Home / Regulators / Octopus / Poseidon Xstream Octopus - with 90cm hose Poseidon Xstream Octopus - with 90cm hose. RM 1,380.00 1,380.0

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